Preparation for the trip to Ao tea roa

Présentation Puna Reo au Painapo Beach

Présentation Puna Reo au Painapo Beach(Look at those pictures)

 During the holidays in May 2011,the Puna Reo was preparing its trip to Ao tea roa.

The kids came  at the centre in order to prepare their dances,their songs,their Haka …

 The parents also came to prepare the costumes !

The lunch was prepared by the parents themselves.

Just to remind you that the Puna Reo will travel to Ao Tea  Roa from the 2nd to the 16th of May.The Puna Reo will stay in Rotorua around 10 days in the 'ati ARAWA .It is located in papa Te Ariki Morehu 's place!He is the chief of this palce.





 Rava and Teava -Teavau are happy to introduce you their son    ROHOTU-NO'ANOA,a new member of the Puna Reo. ROHOTU-NOA'NOA was born on may 18th 2010.The  name of this son mean the crest of the mountain ROTUI.   Without any doubt,he will be a great musician and the future of the Puna Reo.   Manava e RÔHÔTU-NO'ANO'A!!  

Trip to Aotearoa

First objectives: _Discovery of the Maori ways and customs in Aotearoa _Exchange and sharing of our cultures _Experience the life of Maori families in a traditional way _Tourism and leasures _Cultural ,geographical enrichment    Second objecives: _To understand that the aims of the association go together with those aims from the Kohanga Reo of the Maori. _To give value  to… Read more »

PERERAU receive the mayor…

Le Maire et le plan

 On wednesday 15th september2010,the mayor ,who came with his asistants and 2 town councillors from Paopao ,visited the land  Pererau.In the Legend of Rotui ,the marae  Pererau is located on the land Pererau.The place ,where was put the big drum of the queen Teremuura,is very important and very symbolic for the village of Pihaena.  The association Puna Reo responsibles could… Read more »

Electrical Puna Reo !

Julien au travali

                                                                                                                                                                                              Thanks to Julien ,after many power cuts  during the ceremonies,the projections or during the courses in computing ,the Puna Reo lastly has a electrical network that is working!!!            Since he came for free to check the network , separated  some areas and installed a nice housing  to replace the old and rusty one ,there are… Read more »