• Les linguistes et la présidente

    Some linguists queried the Puna Reo

       Two linguists from Havard learning and comparing   the languages  ,Eric Postdam and Maria Polinsky ,came to query the Puna Reo about certain grammatical rules ."The aim of their researches is the structure and the grammar of the complex wordings in…

  • Visite et apprentissage au CRIOBE

    Cultural holidays with the Puna Reo!

    (Voir les photos)  After Rurutu in 2008 and Makemo in 2009 ,the Puna Reo holidays center (holidays center without accomodation  )took place in the Paopao infant school. The kids could benefit from our beautiful island of Moorea and its beaches, hiked…

  • Tupa Japonais

    The japaneses love our crabs!

     A japanese television team came to ask the The Puna Reo to talk to them about the life of the land crab , the Tupa ,our  legendary animal and favourite  dish!  

  • Fiji Dance Center

    Fiji Dance university

     The Puna Reo got the pleasure to share during a meeting with the  dancing group that represented Fiji at  the universal fair in China.  During this  great moment ,the Puna Reo members shared their knowledge with this group composed of people…

  • Rencontres

    General Meeting A tauturu Iana March 2010

    The Puna Reo got the pleasure  to welcome the board of the association A Tauturu Iana ,that came together for a general meeting and to have an informal   lunch in the beautiful surroundings of the Puna Reo. The children ,who…

  • Accueil du groupe de Ua Pou

    Visit from Ua Pou

     After the involvement of the Puna Reo in the Arts Festival in Ua Pou in 2007,and with all the friendly ties created,we got the pleasure to welcome a group from Ua Pou with who we could share some songs and…

  • Association Moeaveau et sa présidente Avril

    Visit from Rurutu

                                                                                                                                                                                     After the  warm and  marvelous stay  spent  in Rurutu in july 2008 ,the Puna Reo is  very happy to have welcomed  the Moeaveau Association from Rurutu ,that came with 50 of their members .Half of them were kids.                                     …

  • Johnny de l'association Lolita

    Lolita Association

    Thank you very much to  Johnny from the "Lolita Association "  (that promotes free softwares ,in particular inside schools ). Johnny came from Tahiti to help Puna Reo with the installation of the Linux free system  that is  particularly adapted  to the old computers.He…

  • Haka pour les petits

    Polynesian day at school

             On friday 4th December 2009,the Puna Reo helped the Paopao  primary school  for the" polynesian day". Seeing the joy felt by the kids ,these events should be organised more frequently … (See the pictures  )

  • atitia.jpg

    The association Atitia from the university of Berkeley began officially its cultural center the 31st of October 2009…Some associations and cultural groups,included the Puna Reo, were invited . (see the pictures )