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Nescafe Stars 2009

(Voir les photos) Nescafe Stars

 The gymnasium was full in Moorea.

The Puna Reo organised the local selections and the night for the Nescafe Star contest on Moorea…The  700 people who were present  could appreciate the quality of the show .They came to listen  and support around ten singers who were taking part in the contest.

Morevover,the spectators could watch with great pleasure some  dancing shows from the Puna Reo , and listen some songs from the singer Rotui and the winners from last year contest.


 With  differents songs and with motivated singers ,the selection was not easy for the Jury,who was discussing at lenght before choosing Marania Feuti ,20 years old.

She will represent Moorea for the Nescafe Star final that will be held on 29 august 2009 at Toata .This final contest will decide who will be the best singers of all the islands .This winner will gain some presents that is valued at 1000000 Pacific Francs .

 Julien Gaultier ,the coordinator of Nestlé contests :"Before everything ,we wanted to offer a popular and a show with hight quality ,with a varied choice of styles and songs ,locals and internationals .The chosen contestants took part in some rehearsals on Tahiti ,supervised by some professionnals in  the music and the show area.This show from Moorea ,that was the first Nescafe Star contest ,placed the bar very high ,and we are are really satisfied with the present audience,who reacted very positively."

Jeanine Vehiatua ,president of the Musical and Cultural  Polynesian Association :"During the selections ,I admit that I was astonished with the  vocal quality of the candidates ;In agreement with Nestlé,we had increased the number of selected because we did not want to deprive certain contestants of the final !This quality was confirmed that night ,it was a beautiful musical show in the island of  Moorea…"


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