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The australian consul at the Puna Reo of Moorea


  The Puna Reo was very happy to receive Mr Derek Montague,the Australian consul for the french territory in the Pacific,that came in the center to attend the launch   of four new computers offered by the consulate of Australia.       


"I came to check the relevancy of this action,which is new for us.I am congratulating myself ,because I can see now that those computers will be well-used!"Indeed,in order to improve the relationship between France and Australia,the consulate has offered  since a few years  some  australian scholarships for tahtitian students that really deserved it,but this is the first time that it takes part in a project concerned with social issues.

The Puna Reo that is working thanks to the voluntary services of its members ,is very glad about this  promising collaboration  for the future of the children of the district.Those computers give at last the opportunity for around 60 children enrolled in the Puna Reo,and that can not have  access to any computer in their house,to learn how  to use modern tools and to integrate themselves more easily.

In addition to that, Mister the consul showed a great interest in the cultural aspect of the Puna Reo.For example,Lee and Maurice RURUA  explained to him the difference between the folklore of the dances played in the front of the tourists compared to  the familial and community traditions taken root in the past .The consul was explained as well the interest of the legends kept alive and passed on  to the children .The  deep messages strenghten the spirit in the polynesian values,where as the dances that illustrate them strenghten the body.


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