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Trip to Aotearoa

First objectives:

_Discovery of the Maori ways and customs in Aotearoa

_Exchange and sharing of our cultures

_Experience the life of Maori families in a traditional way

_Tourism and leasures

_Cultural ,geographical enrichment


 Second objecives:

_To understand that the aims of the association go together with those aims from the Kohanga Reo of the Maori.

_To give value  to the work done in Pihaena by realizing that it is not a isolated act.On the contrary ,it will allow our kids to be proud of what they are.

_ To give the opportunity to the kids and the parents to see again their friends from Rotorua who came to visit us in 2004 and to learn about our way of living.

 For certains,it might be the unique trip of their life.

For others,it will be a openness to an other polynesian word,so identical and remote from their theirs.

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